About Us

The Crypto Ballers are a group of traders that focus primarily on the crypto space. We are firm believers in honest money, free markets & decentralizing power. Well-developed crypto can deliver on all of these points which is where our interest began many years ago. Imagine money, owned by no central entity, (almost) infinitely divisible, and able to be sent to anyone across the world in an instant.

Bitcoin made this dream a reality & we knew this was the start of something big! While the idealistic traits of crypto freeing a fiat petro-dollar enslaved world are always in the forefront of our minds, why not make money trading them as well? And thus began the Crypto Ballers.

We have learned many lessons along the way, some positive & others quite expensive & painful, did we mention expensive? We would say that you will avoid this by joining us but honestly, we doubt it. Serious buzzkill eh? Everyone does something stupid when they first get into crypto, it’s like the initiation ritual, basically unavoidable. But at least you will be able to share it with a group that can appreciate your stupidity & laugh at you about it.

You must pledge the following to officially become a baller (do it, we have ppl watching):
  1. I agree to give the middle finger to all central bank fiat currencies & CBDCs, a bunch of commie bastards!
  2. I will support honest money in all its forms, mainly gold, silver & nonslim shady cryptos